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  On Tuesday night, January 30, 2007, worship leader Chris Sligh's life changed forever when his audition aired on American Idol.
He continued to the top 40, then the top 24, the top 12, and finished at #10 - ensuring him a spot on the summer Idol tour. Watch his audition on YouTube.

Chris became friends with HymnCharts arranger Don Chapman at a local church where they both were part of the music ministry. Don has written several blogs about the experience:

Chris's audition in Birmingham

What's it like being at an American Idol taping 1

What's it like being at an American Idol taping 2

What's it like being at an American Idol taping 3

Chris's American Idol timeline at HymnCharts.com

Before the show, Chris had struggled, like most aspiring musicians, to get a record deal and fulfill his dream of making a living through music. He had a few close calls with major record labels but nothing panned out.

After the show, Chris had 11 record labels interested in him. He finally decided on Brash Music, is managed by the same people who manage Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and has a new CD coming out May 6, 2008. His first radio single, Empty Me, is currently climbing the Billboard Christian chart.

Chris's websites:


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